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Game from Madera Skills 4 Success Event

Madera High School

To promote mental health awareness during the month of May, students at Madera High School participated in a spin the wheel trivia game. Depending on the category the wheel landed in would be the trivia question they answered. “Mental Health in Media and TV” was a top favorite category where students were asked to list songs, movies, TV shows or actors that illustrated the challenges of a mental illness.

Madera South High School

Green is the international color for mental health awareness month since it signifies new life, new growth and new beginnings. For this reason, during our visit to Madera South High School, Skills4Success gave students a variety of green goodies, such as these wristbands from Students will then be able to wear them as a symbol of support and solidarity to anyone dealing with a mental illness.

Greenbands from Madera Skills 4 Success Event
Madera Skills 4 Success Event

Liberty High School

Skills4Success visited Liberty High School during the month of May to promote mental health awareness. Students had the opportunity to participate in a trivia game designed to initiate a conversation on mental health and the importance of having a support group, indulging in self-care and healthy coping strategies.

Yosemite High School

During mental health awareness month, Skills 4Success, attended Yosemite High school to provide the students with resources and information related to mental health. We had the opportunity to talk about our Youth Empowerment Program and our efforts to provide a peer support group and wellness program designed to educate the youth on mental health, participate in wellness activities and to improve their socialization, life and leadership skills.

Yosemite High School with Madera Skills 4 Success Event

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