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Peer Support Workers

Our Peer Support Workers are comprised of students that have benefitted and succeeded using the Skills4Success program. With a shared lived experience, our peer support workers can truly connect with the students. Our peer support workers are trained to assist and facilitate group sessions in a warm and welcoming environment. The peer support workers are also promoting and advocating for mental health awareness through projects, volunteer service, and community engagement.

Peer Support Worker services have included:

  • Volunteering for Madera County’s Pomegranate Festival
  • Creating chalk art for Mental Health Awareness Month and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month at Behavioral health department and Madera high school
  • Actively representing our program at booths during community events
  • Preparing promotional items to spread awareness during our Mental Health Awareness drive-thru event
MaderaSkills4Success Youth and Peer Support

Quote from a PSW:

“Being a Peer Support Specialist for Kings View has been nothing but amazing. Ever since I joined the program I have felt comfort, respect and felt free to express myself. Not only did it help me with my problems, it also helped me help others and understand that I am not alone. I would 100% recommend my close friends and loved ones to receive services from Kings View if they ever needed a helping hand or even someone to talk to in a time of crisis. I learned to not feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about my mental health and my journey to become mentally healthier.”

~ Peer Support Worker

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